Still think that ‘Seeing is Believing’? Why you vile bigot!


What have we come to?

Radical Leftist ideology has always been based on a denial of reality but in the past this was generally confined to the realm of ideas. However, last week in the UK, the ‘common people’ were told by their superiors in the media that even easily observable reality (in this case knowing the difference between a child and an adult) must submit to politically correct orthodoxy.

We’ve reached the absurd point were sanctimonious idiots, utterly convinced of their own virtue can with a straight face say: Don’t believe your eyes, these 30 year-old refugees are innocent kids and to suggest otherwise is simply racist.

No civilization can survive the long term denial of reality. Just ask the USSR how relying on the claims made in those tables dealing with ‘miraculous’ economic output turned out. If we are to have any future as Western nations we will have to deal with the world as it, not as we hope it will be.

One area where the denial of reality is particularly deeply entrenched has to do with the undeniable link between migration and jihad. The ‘kids’ that Britain imported belong to a religion that teaches that migration is an essential step in conquering the world for Allah (see Qur’an 2:28 and 8:72). Does, this fact even so much as enter into the outer periphery of the discussion about the ‘refugee crisis’?

Don’t be silly, what are you? Some kind of ‘Islamophobe’?

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